An ode to the Ruck – Back to Basics

fussily There are many many ways to carry your child on your back in a woven wrap. Some stand out because of the complexity of the techniques used and some are wonderfully simple and straight forward. Arguably the most simple and straight forward of all back carries is the Ruck with its many variations. This simple carry does everything you need it to do with some very simple motions. Suitable from birth to the end of your carrying days it is the perfect carry for a first time back wrapper and can still comfortably be used for toddlers too.


The child is secured on your back with a single layer and two passes of the full wrap over and under their legs, the material then meets at the front for a double knot. You can hip scoot, santa toss or superman your child onto your back depending on their age and your flexibility, ability and experience. With an older toddler you could even ask them to hop on with the wrap as a cape.

Get someone to spot you the first time and if at all possible practising with a doll or teddy can improve your confidence greatly.

Top tips for achieving a comfortable ruck:

1) Make sure all of the wrap is over your shoulders, you can adjust the wrap once you have done your knot.

2) Tighten and then tighten again. Ideally you want the whole wrap to be tightened evenly with lots and lots of the wrap under your babies bottom to create a nice deep seat.

3) After you have done the knot, reach back and put each hand on one of your child’s feet and then gently push them up to achieve a nice spread squat position and if needed tuck some more wrap under their bottom. You could even tighten more once you have done this as you can just feed the extra slack around to the front and tighten the knot further.




Once you are getting the hang of where everything goes you can start experimenting with the many variations : Ruck tied under Bum, Reinforced ruck, Ruck tied at shoulder and many more.








Most importantly though have fun and if the ruck is not for you then there are plenty of other methods out there that could suit. The beautiful thing about a ruck is that the time spend learning about it will not be wasted as you will be able to transfer those bits that did click into a new carry.

Some great videos for Ruck instructions can be found here on the SlingGuide website.

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