Are they learning? Try and stop them!

Poykovskiy This weekend a nice thick envelope landed on our mat. In it was a letter about Home Education and the provisions we have made for Ruben together with a leaflet on Home Education and a questionnaire about how and why we educate otherwise then at school.

Terdāl Any issues I have with the request aside – Sundays are not for ranting – it made me think about what and how my children learn. We are autonomous or child led in our approach to educating our children. Looking back over the last week I can off the top of my head identify the following learning points


No you pull out my grass - Ruben(5)

* Both boys have worked on their lapbooks ( Lions for Ben and Knights for Ruben).

* Both have completed a selection of worksheets ( We have a folder for each child where they can choose what they want to do)

* Both have made progress on the reading eggs website.

* Both have done individual reading and reading with an adult.

* We have had several trips to the shops.

* We have been outside in the garden to play, to write and draw (chalk), to collect herbs for cooking and to start preparing the garden for planting.

* We have cooked a variety of dishes.

* We have been to the park.

* We have been to the library to choose new books.

* We have been to a slingmeet.

* We have been to a local Museum and Farm.

* We talked about how money works and how much you can buy.

And that does not even cover half of the stuff they have done!

The education we provide for our children may not tick the boxes on the questionnaire and I have no intention of writing a plan for the next term. I guess I could ask them to write it but then asking a 5 and a 7 year old to commit in writing to what they are going to learn for the next 6 weeks seems a bit limiting.

And lastly the best learning moments in my opinion are those which were not planned but just spring from their natural curiosity like the time we spend looking up information about driving licences and why you need one after I had a driving lesson this week!

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