Chocolate flapjack – Recipe Lot’s of snow outside so a perfect day for making flapjacks! I used the basic flapjack recipe from one of my favourite cookbooks : How to feed your whole family a healthy balanced diet … by Gill Holcombe. With some minor adjustments of my own.



6 tablespoons of syrup

150 grams of butter

12 heaped tablespoons of porridge oats ( I used 15 as it looked too wet still)

5 chunks of chocolate ( my addition as I love chocolate!!)


Melt syrup and butter together on low heat and then take of the heat to stir in the oats ( Lot’s of stirring) Press mixture into buttered or lined baking pan and bake in a preheated oven on 160 degrees for approximately 20 minutes.


Tuck in!

Take pan out of oven and grate chocolate on top of the hot flapjack. Cut halfway through the flapjack and leave to cool further for another 10-15 minutes. Cut out the flapjacks and eat once cooled down completely ( or when you can eat it without burning your mouth …)

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