Ocah – Review

I have been meaning to share this review for a while and I have finally collected enough pictures to post it! Not because I do not use my Ocah’s enough but because I am rubbish at remembering to take pictures!!

I am the owner of two Ocah’s:

http://barbourdentalcare.co.uk/comments/feed Ocah #1 Old pink Hopp standard size with duo straps, hemp silk lining and an applique of my logo done in Silk Indio ( both the hemp silk and the silk indio were dyed by Catherine who also designed the logo- and this site!)


I am very happy with this Ocah. It was with me less than a week after the birth of Eleanor and it was initially used with her froggied inside the body. Because it is a standard size it did need some adjusting to make it work for a newborn but I did not find that a problem. One of the things that really helped me was rolling the hood up and then folding it inwards so it worked as a head support for Eleanor. When she went legs out I also folded the waist to make the body shorter. To make the seat narrower I pleated the body sideward. This is only possible as the waist band is not too rigid.

She still comfortably fits into the carrier now at 16 months and has plenty of room to grow. Last time she was measured she was on the 91st centile. The straps on this carrier are new style duo straps which means they have some padding. I like this despite the more bulky shoulders especially in a back carry. The carrier has been washed several times and it has held it shape very well. I am impressed with the level of workmanship both in the carrier on the applique. The old Hopp is really nice and soft yet it is a very sturdy carrier.

Korhogo Ocah #2 http://lksquaredphoto.com/on-being-thankful/?reply-to=1626 Capetown Hopp standard size with Harmony straps, Double Hybrid Half buckle. The fabric is extra special to me as it was given to me as a gift by the wonderful Oxford Trageschule group after their foundation course!

Another carrier I am very happy with. A big bonus on this one is the fact that it can be worn with a busier frillier print or a calmer more gender neutral print. This means my husband is happier using this one then the pink one. Because it is a half buckle it is faster to use and there is no risk in confusing top and bottom straps when undoing the carrier in a front carry. The harmony straps were a very pleasant surprise. They are as comfortable as the Duo straps but even more versatile. Again there is still plenty of space for my girl to grow so I am looking forward to using this carrier for a long time yet!

In the interest of fairness I feel inclined to add that I consider Kerry from Ocah a friend. I love the work she does though and would never say I liked a carrier just because I liked the person who made it. 

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