Parents: Set up to fail or to succeed?

negligibly Parents today do not have an easy task. From every direction they are bombarded with information on what their baby needs, wants, should have and could have. Advice on how to be the best mum, the coolest dad and an endless parade of the latest must have gadget that will make everything so much easier.  The question is: ‘does this information empower parents or does it set them up for a fail?’

Does it help parents if you stop them from thinking and instead force feed them a stream of information on what they have to do to be able to come close to that illusive accolade of good parent? Everyone is different and trying to come up with a one fix solution means that no one will fit the exact mould. This can and does lead to parents who are doing what is the best for their children feeling a sense of failure in not reaching all set targets. It can even lead to resentment of others who did meet that one specific point without looking at their overall picture of not having reached them all either.

I feel strongly that every baby born into this world has one very important basic right: ‘the right to be nourished physically and emotionally.’ How that right is enacted depends on each baby’s unique individual circumstances, his character, the character of his parents and anything else that sets this baby apart from others born at the same time.

I also feel very strongly that parents should be empowered to make their own choices and feel confident and secure in the choices they make. True information is power, to follow blindly where others lead you is to be a sheep. Don’t be a sheep!!

I believe parents should reclaim their position as the ones who know what is best for their children. Reclaim it with confidence and without the need to point at someone else and shift the responsibility there. Research is a valuable tool as a parent, letting others make decisions for you is not.

Let’s embrace the diversity that makes us all different and rejoice in finding common ground with those close to us. Above all common sense should prevail and common sense tells me that if on the whole we did not have the ability to parent in a safe responsible mankind would have died out a while ago.


  1. Motherfunker says

    Hurray! Love this post. We met today at Lynnsport. I wrote about this in issue 25 of Juno, my article was called ‘Wasn’t born to follow’ – basically saying the same as you in this post. You are so right – parents are uniquely placed to follow the best path for their children and themselves – and changing organically as everyone changes is better than sticking rigidly to anyone else’s methods! Lovely to meet you today. Lots of love,
    Paula x
    also known as Motherfunker 🙂

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