Portable Swamp – DIY sensory blanket

Earlier this week I came across a huge pile of toys in the middle of my living room. Nothing new you may say but it was a very methodical pile and there were two boys with swords jumping over it.  A few quick questions established that it was in fact a swamp made out of their sisters toys and it was vital to their play to have a swamp.

I had been making some sensory cushion covers ( more on these to follow at a later date) and remembered some nice swamp like fabric that I had stashed away. I offered to make a swamp for them to play with and decided to make it a lightly sensory swamp.

Sensory blankets/pillows/toys etc. has been something I have been reading quite a bit about. Ben is dyspraxic which is a sensory processing disorder. In short this means that sensory items are good for him and as both Ruben and Eleanor are touchy feely children too ( really I think most children and even adults are).

Anyway back to the swamp. It is a very very basic swamp. It is also a firm favourite already.

Nice swamp colours

Lyubertsy Materials:

Fleece ( green or brown would work best for a swamp)

Thin cotton ( leafy pattern in green, blue and brown in my case)


Remove small child from fabric before cutting ...

buy neurontin from us pharmacy Method:

Cut out your swamp shape from each of the materials. The fleece I am using was left over bits from a jumper so I sewed the strips of fabric together first.

Make sure the good sides of the fabric are facing each other when you cut out your shape.

Simple leaf shape

Cut some leaf shapes from the cotton fabric and applique them onto the fleece side.

Sew the two pieces of fabric together good sides to the inside. Stop just short of going all the way round and turn it the right way around. Add a topstitch to the end all the way around. Then holding the fabric in place with some pins lightly quilt the swamp by sewing wonky lines over it in all directions

Swamp all ready


You could add leaves in a different fabric to give even more different textures and a very different sensory experience. I wanted to keep this one simple. Both because of the two demanding knights standing at my shoulder whilst I was making it and because sometimes simple is good.

Can you see a swamp monster lurking??


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