Toddler wrapping! Wrapping a newborn is great and you get that closeness when they snuggle up and listen to your heartbeat. The fabulous thing about wraps however is that they are a true universal carrier and can be used from birth to toddlerhood and beyond.

Benoy Yesterday we had an amazing day out at a local National Trust property and I took along a size 6 Roses Foxglove Oscha as I knew that we would do more walking than little legs could handle.

Often when carrying a toddler in a wrap it will be done on the back with as many layers as possible to increase the comfort for the carrier. It is however perfectly possible to still use the full versatility of the wrap with a toddler.

Ruck tied in front

First up is the Ruck tied in front. As a one layer back carry this can feel heavy on the shoulders if use for longer periods of time. For a quick trip it is perfect though, it is quick to tie and untie and your toddler will be able to see over your shoulder where you are going and share in the excitement.

Hipcarry with long wrap

The next image is of a hip carry using a long wrap. This carry is fabulous as it allows you to use the same wrap but on your hip. It is also in part pretied so it is very useful for a toddler who cannot quite decide whether to come up or run around. It is possible to leave most of the material in place and just retie the final knot. It is also possible to spread the material of the final cross over your toddlers bum and add a little bit of reinforcement.

Front Cross Carry

Moving on to the Front Cross Carry. This is an often under rated way to use a long wrap as it can be a bit fiddly to adjust the rails especially with a smaller infant. The great thing about this carry is that it is pre tied. You can tighten further to increase comfort once your toddler is seated but this is not always needed. And if you do retie it is quick and easy. Yesterday we use this method to keep her close to me whilst we explored the Abbey which had many stunning items of artwork at toddler hight!

Double Hammock

And lastly but by no means the end of the options the double hammock. This is one of the most rock solid ways to carry using a long wrap. Two layers over your toddler and a layer at the front to balance it out. This is one carry which is well worth the time investment needed to master it!

Running free …

And of course the truly amazing thing about toddler is that they can be carried one minute and running free the next ♥

* Please note that these are just some of the methods of wrapping you can use with a toddler, a full list would have to be truly never ending!


  1. I love carrying my toddler too <3 Looking forward to newborn squishy cuddle too though as never really had them with my now toddler/preschooler! Fabulous pictures and blog post Anne 🙂 x

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