What is a sling?

My question is ‘What is a sling?’, how do we see slings in the modern world and how does that compare with how I believe slings should be seen.

Slings are often described as the way forward to enable a new parent to get on with life in exactly the same way as before they had their baby. ‘Be hands-free’, ‘Let’s you cook’, ‘Breast feed on the go’ and I could go on for a while.

Whilst the above is perfectly true life has changed irrevocably the second that little life popped into the world. The suggestion that life can carry on as usual sets new parents up for a fail as usual has just changed dramatically. Slings can and do help with the transition to the new normal and a sling is in my opinion the most valuable tool any new parent can get. But it is just that a tool. And like any other parenting tools it does not and should never replace our senses.

A sling is like an extra pair of arms but arms which cannot feel. Slings cannot see, they cannot hear, they cannot smell. All senses that the vast majority of parents rely on when looking after their children. Which is why I feel it is important that parents are extra aware of their senses when they carry their child in a sling. It is not a bouncy chair in which the child is placed to be looked at from a distance. It is a way to keep your child close where the crave to be and where they are designed to be just like we are designed to have the senses to look after them.

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