Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon.

We are at the very start of our journey into Home Education but one of the things I always liked the idea of was marking events and celebrations from around the world as a way for the children ( and me!) to learn more about other cultures.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Dragon. We read a story about the Chinese zodiac and why rat got the honour of the first house. Then they coloured the matching colouring/writing sheet and wrote as many words as they wanted about the picture. We got our resources from Activity Village

Hear me roar!

Because it is the year of the dragon we decided to make a really big Chinese dragon. We painted a big box red using finger paint and then we stuck squares of tissue paper onto the wet paint to make the dragons scales. An offcut of yellow voile has been stapled on to make the body and a big ribbon the fire coming out of the dragons mouth or its tongue. It comfortably fits two children and boy is it a loud dragon!!

Ruben and Eleanor also made a model of the great wall of China and we all looked up pictures of the real wall on the internet.

Going back to the Chinese zodiac we also had great fun looking up what animals represented our family. We discovered that:

Ruben is  a dog

Ben is a monkey

Eleanor is a tiger

And both myself and Colin are horses


Then to round off all our hard work we made some noodles as an afternoon snack which were pronounced incredibly yummy!!

Yum! Noodles.