Reviews and testimonies

As an experienced babywearer, carrying consultant and carrying educator I am happy to review products for vendors and manufacturers. The following applies to all reviews on the Wrap My Baby site:

* I write reviews after extensive testing of a product both with my own children and with my specialist weighted babywearing demonstration dolls.

*All opinions expressed in the review are mine and mine alone. When writing the review I will consider how suitable I would deem a carrier for recommending to a range of people.

* I do not receive a monetary reward for writing reviews or testimonies and they are written at my personal discretion.

* I will always clearly state how a carrier came into my possession.

* This is a positive recommendation section. If I do not like a carrier I will not write a public review.


If you would like me to review a carrier you manufacture or stock you can contact me through the contact form for more information.


Any reviews and testimonies attributed to Wrap My Baby or Anne McEwan are my views and not linked in any way to any other work I may undertake and do not represent the views of any other companies which I own or work for. Any products for which I have written testimonies or reviews will also be clearly listed on the Wrap My Baby website.