Sling Training

I am a trainer for Born to Carry and provide Peer Support courses by request. In addition to general Peer Support courses I am an experienced trainer and can provide customised training to suit your needs.

I can provide workshops, lectures,seminars, CPD courses and tailored advice for professionals. Some examples of what I can provide can be found below. I can also work with groups to design something to fit their needs. Babywearing safety seminar

Duration: 3 hours

At this seminar we will look at why safety is such an important aspect of babywearing and how to make sure that your clients are using safe slings in a way that is beneficial to them and their child and does not place the child in a dangerous or uncomfortable position.

Ouro Preto Slings throughout the ages – lecture

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

An in depth look at the history of babywearing in different cultures but focusing on modern history of babywearing and the changes it has undergone in the last 2 decades

cheap modafinil australia Feeling the Fabric – workshop

Duration: 2-3 hours

A chance for professionals to explore the different slings that are on the market today and get up to date with product knowledge and market options. This workshop is a hands on experience you will be able to try out all the different types of carriers and learn why different things work for different people.